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Your Life in 360 Degrees

The V.360° camera makes it possible to capture life’s most astonishing moments at every angle
 simultaneously since it shoots not just forwards, but backwards and in a complete 360-degree view at all times. 
Which means the days of stitching images together to get a complete 360-degree picture are over.

V.360° Cameras will be available in November 2014.


Meeting strict durability standards for shock, vibration and underwater submersion, this camera is always ready for action. Whether the story you want to tell is on ground, underwater or up in the air; the V.360° camera will capture it all.

Share Your Photos

The V.360° camera works with a companion application to view, share, save and manage your videos and images (available on both iOS and Android). The camera also has both Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFI capability so you can share your world, anywhere in the world.

Its time to view what you have been missing.


  • WiFi Access Point – The V.360° camera can act as a WiFi Access Point enabling you and your friends to experience live video in full 360 degrees.
  • Know the Environment - Capture and add sensory details to a recording using built-in GPS, barometer, accelerometer, and altimeter.
  • Multiple Mounting Options – Compatible with traditional camera mounts and GoPro™ mounts.
  • Advanced Video Editing Functionality – Whether you want to create short snippets to share with your friends on social media or channel your inner Hollywood Director, the video editing capabilities included with the V.360° camera can certainly help you tell your story.
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor

  • Durable and Waterproof

  • MultiMode

  • Image Quality: 6480x1080 HD

  • Environmental Sensors


Be the first to experience the V.360° camera by signing up with VSN Mobil. In addition to special product updates, you will also receive a discount purchase code that places you at the head the line to receive this remarkable camera. The V.360° camera will be available in November of 2014.

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