The wearable Bluetooth LE device open to development


V.BTTN...It is what you make of it!

The V.BTTN is the world’s first wearable button that can be completely customized to your needs. By pairing it with a Bluetooth® LE 4.0 compatible smartphone, tablet or PC, the button can be programmed to remotely trigger any action that can be imagined. V.BTTN is a device that is open to development, which means anyone can create an application for iOS, Android™, PC and MAC OS® devices that are Bluetooth® Smart Ready (Bluetooth® LE 4.0). Sign-up for our free developers guide offered by VSN Mobil. If you are not a programmer, there are 3rd party applications already available in the app stores for you to check out.

Development Platforms

Windows 8® – Any PC that includes Bluetooth® 4.0 LE (Bluetooth® Smart Ready).

Windows Phone 8® – Any Windows® phone that include Bluetooth® 4.0 LE

Android™ - Android™ phones with Bluetooth® 4.0 hardware and Android™ version 4.3 or later, i.e. Samsung Galaxy® S4, S5, HTC One® (M8), Nexus™ 4 & 5, Moto X®

iOS - iPhone 4S® and newer.

Mac OS X® - The 2011 MacBook Air® or newer, the 2012 MacBook Pro® or newer, the 2012 iMac® or newer, the 2011 Mac Mini or newer and the 2013 Mac Pro®.

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Currently Available Apps for V.BTTN

Developers are already hard at work coming up with creative applications that take advantage of the V.BTTN. Apps like a remote control for your iPhone® microphone or iPhone® camera, a "FIND ME" application for Android™. It’s your V.BTTN. What will you have it do?

Here are some of our favorite 3rd party applications:


V.BTTN - Wearable Bluetooth LE 4.0 Device

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